Laurinburg Institute fields athletic teams in two separate categories:

  • Laurinburg Institute (Independent High School)
  • Laurinburg Institute Prep

Laurinburg Institute will field athletic teams in Football, Basketball, and Baseball:

Laurinburg Institute Prep 2012-13 Teams Schedule Coming Soon

Laurinburg Institute is expanding its historic nationally ranked athletic program by announcing that the Laurinburg Institute has joined the SECC Prep Conference. Laurinburg Institute will field prep football, basketball, and baseball teams during the 2012 – 2013 school year.

REMINDER: All student-athletes will have to provide full medical insurance coverage and both a medical release form (Physical) and a parent’s permission form (Waiver for injury and helmet form) must be signed prior to any sports participation. Any student-athlete that is under 18 must present a notarized parent signature form at registration authorizing their student(s) to participate in any of the sports programs at Laurinburg Institute during the regular school term. Student(s) over 18 must signed all required forms to participate.

NOTE: A student-athlete that qualified when they graduated/finished high school and has cleared the NCAA Clearinghouse will be eligible to take approved college classes and play prep sports (Football, Basketball, and Baseball) while enrolled in our accredited prep program. Most importantly, our student-athletes can fulfill all transferable freshman and/or sophomore college requirements then transfer and enter either a D1 or D2 NCAA college program. Upon completing studies at Laurinburg Institute, these transferring student-athletes may enter college as either a fully complied sophomore and/or junior while retaining full eligibility to participate in their selected college athletic program.

NOTE: A student-athlete that did not qualify out of high school will take SAT development classes and other college preparatory classes to improve their SAT scores in order to qualify (GPA credit cannot be improved after graduation). These students will be eligible to take college prep classes and play prep sports (Football, Basketball, and Baseball) while enrolled in our accredited prep program. A student-athlete on a case-by-case basis may also elect to enroll in college as either a full time OR part time student with transferable college courses.

COST: Laurinburg Institute lists its fees for attending and identifies other information on its website at Students who apply for enrollment will be assisted in completing the necessary paper work to get the maximum funding. Laurinburg Institute offers housing, food service, cultural training, financial support, and supplemental academic development which are available upon request, availability, and payment. However, some of the cost for this educational opportunity may not have to come from family income. Student financial assistance is available through

Students may contact Bishop McDuffie, Laurinburg Institute’s Headmaster, at 910-318-5323. Applicants can pre-register for school by phone by calling 910-276-0684 or by email . For full information, please view our school’s webpage at Students seeking admission can find the school’s applications available on the school’s website that you can print and complete at your home. Remember, for an application to be considered valid, the application fee must accompany the request. If you would like to review a short history on Laurinburg Institute please view on Youtube, “Laurinburg Institute edited”.


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