Current Donor List

Current Donor List

Thank you to all our prior donors and their support of the Laurinburg Institute.


Platinum Tiger ($5,000 – $10,000)

Frank McDuffie (’69)

Clarence Wade (’48)

Presidential Giver ($2,500 – $5,000)

Cynthia McDuffie

Founders Club ($1,000)

Frances Foster (’59)

Lena Melton

Larry Melton

Frances McDuffie (’96)

Roaring Bengal ($750.00 – $1,000.00)

Golden Tiger ($500 – $750)

Willie Washington

Howard Robertson

Larry Hall (’73)

Gentile Everett (’59)

Tiger’s Den ($250)

Torie McDuffie (’00) Directive Gift (Grant Writing Class)

Friends of Laurinburg KC

1904 Path Finders

(A $1.00 contribution for each year ($107.00) to honor “The Walk” from AL to NC)

Frank McDuffie

Cynthia McDuffie

Antoinette McDuffie

Wayne Johnson (’69)

Donald Maggin

Woody Shaw

Spurgeon Webber

Tiger Paws Prints ($50.00 – $250.00)

John Alford (Basketball Uniform Gift)

James Brock (Basketball Uniform Gift)

Julius Chamber Founders Day

Betty Dickerson Roll Call

Brooks Hale (Basketball Uniform Gift)

Raymond Jones Roll Call

William Jones (’56) Founders Day

Donald Maggin Founders Day

Frank McDuffie (’69) (Basketball Uniform Gift)

Cynthis McDuffie (Basketball Uniform Gift)

Naomi Newton Roll Call

Garland Pierce (Basketball Uniform Gift)

Carly’s Restaurant (Basketball Uniform Gift)

Family Fitness Center (Basketball Uniform Gift)

Ella Morris (Basketball Uniform Gift)

Spurgeon Webber Roll Call

Mr & Ms. J. Worth (’57) Founder’s Day

Food for Thought Givers FFT (Monthly: $5, 10, 15, 20, 25, 50)

$50.00 per month

Father Jerry Nadine

Leon Rice

$25.00 per month

Beverly Battle (’67)

Antoinette McDuffie (’93)

$5.00 per month

Wayne Johnson

Kenneth Hicks

Tiger Cub (Goods and Services)

Dexter Cummings

Rodney Colley

Devon Hall

Debra McKenzie

James Stewart