Admissions Policy Statement

Students are eligible for admission to the Institute without regard for race, sex, religion or national origin. The Institute reserves the right to deny admission to or dismiss after admission any student whose conduct or habits the Institute determines are not consistent with the academic, moral and intellectual standards of the Institute, or whose conduct is disruptive to others in legitimate pursuit of the educational objectives of the Institute.

Terms of Enrollment

Enrollment of a student under the terms of this contract shall be for a period of either one (1) academic year or two (2) successive academic semesters. The parent agrees that the enrolled student will remain at the Institute for the full academic year or for two successive semesters (whichever applicable) unless dismissed, expelled or asked by the Institute to withdraw.

Application and Registration

Students are required to apply for each year’s admission to the Institute. In addition to applying for admission each year, each student must register prior to each semester. A non-refundable registration fee of $125.00 is due and payable upon registration each semester prior to or at the time of admission.

Please contact Admissions office for summer schedule.