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Laurinburg Institute Capital Campaign


Founded in 1904, the Laurinburg Institute was a private, day school that served as a public school because there was no other school for Black youth at the time. The Institute added a residential program in the early 1920’s to provide resident housing for students who lived too far away to be transported to the school on a daily basis. 

Well-known alumni of the Laurinburg Institute include Dizzy Gillespie (Trumpeter), Sir John Swan (Bermuda Premier, Member of the British Cabinet), Charlie Scott (Athlete) John Russell (Basketball Referee) Dr. Frances Foster (Ophthalmologist), and Larry Hall, (Current Attorney and former State Legislator, Head of the Democratic Party, and NC Secretary of Veteran Affairs). 

Presently, the Laurinburg Institute is developing a virtual, distance learning program for students in grades 9-12. Phase 1 of the Laurinburg Institute Capital Campaign will complete renovations of the classroom building and provide certified, 9-12th grade, private education that will be open to all students while primarily serving Black students in the region. Phase 2 of the Capital Campaign will renovate, recover, and restore nine historic buildings and campus. When Phase 2 is completed, the Laurinburg Institute will return to providing 9th-12th grade education plus 1 year of post-secondary education for both day and residential students. The Laurinburg Institute is a state-approved educational institution which receives Opportunity Scholarships to cover the cost of education for qualified NC students.

The Laurinburg Institute was severely damaged by Hurricane Matthew in 2016 and Hurricane Florence in 2018. The roofs on all nine major buildings were significantly damaged and rendered the buildings unusable. The Board of Trustees is fully committed to raising all of the needed funds for both Phase 1 and Phase 2 of the Capital Recovery Project. 

The Capital Campaign is a local, state, regional, and national campaign and includes outreach to individual donors, alumni, descendants of alumni, foundations, corporate giving, sponsorships, and government.

For more information and interest in the Capital Campaign, contact:

President, Laurinburg Institute

125 McGirts Bridge Road
Laurinburg, NC 28352

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