Laurinburg Institute is a unique educational institution concerned with the overall development of students. Since 1904, the Institute has educated thousands of students, primarily African-Americans, with a curriculum that follows the North Carolina Standard Course of Study and Common Core. Laurinburg Institute maintains high expectations for students, especially for college preparation and matriculation. Students take part in SAT classes and STEM courses.

Laurinburg Institute teachers have been trained by the Howard University Capstone Institute in ways to improve SAT and other standardized test scores.

At Laurinburg Institute, we maintain high expectations for our students in terms of college preparation and attendance. We take our students on visits to colleges. We expose our students to SAT preparation, college preparatory courses, and after school Stem focused science and math courses.

By maintaining low teacher student ratio, Laurinburg Institute students receive customized and focused instruction from well qualified teachers. The instruction is differentiated to meet the students where they are academically. Extra attention is given to weak areas of students. The staff is committed to see that students receive the help that they need in a warm and caring environment.

Laurinburg Institute is committed to develop the whole child by our focus on character, leadership, and integrity. We continue to expand these traits. Since 1904, when the school began, our focus has consistently been on cultivating character, leadership, and integrity as part of our legacy.

Presently, in our classrooms we are about to utilize the mimeo smart board to enhance instruction. In the very near future, we are planning to develop distance learning to allow students to connect with other classrooms around the world. Now our students are able to use Wi-Fi in the classroom utilizing laptops to communicate and utilize the wealth of information on the World Wide Web.

Since 1954, over 83% of Laurinburg Institute graduates have finished college and other post-secondary training institutions. Some of the colleges attended by Laurinburg Institute graduates are: Auburn University, Duke University, North Carolina Central University, North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University, Memphis State University, University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, Smith College, Northwestern University, Benedict College, St. Andrews University, Tuskegee University, Xavier University, University of Rhode Island, Louisiana State University, University of West Virginia, University of Massachusetts, Oregon State University, The University of Oklahoma, Howard University, Hampton University, University of South Carolina, The University of Alabama, The University of Connecticut, Providence College, Wake Forest University, and Wheaton College.

Everybody at Laurinburg Institute must work weekly in a variety of jobs on the campus in keeping with Booker T. Washington’s philosophy, “There is dignity in work”. In addition, the discipline is all about enabling the students to take control of their lives. There are rules for everything, including a dress code.