Summer School

Located on the 55-acre campus of the Laurinburg Institute, the summer school/camp offers quality programming for children age thirteen to eighteen. The nationally recognized and historical school is one hundred miles from the major cities in North Carolina.

The summer camp or summer school experience, particularly the kind Laurinburg has to offer, has never been more important for today’s child. At Laurinburg, children can be themselves, enrich their academic skills, develop a healthy lifestyle, receive spiritual growth in mind, body, and soul, appreciate the outdoor world, spend quality time with friends, and receive the guidance of warm and caring staff. Our activities develop and strengthen self-esteem and confidence, peer relationships, independence and self-confidence, values and decision making, and confidence. As in the regular school setting, the founding principles of character, leadership and integrity are stressed.

Laurinburg Institute Camp provides indoor and outdoor activities that kids really like (and need) in the summer. Campers enjoy a variety of activities daily that focus on academics as well as recreational. The goal is to strengthen skills in both areas.

The Environment – Our campus makes an ideal setting for quiet study, reflection, and learning. Outdoor activities will include exercise, walks in the woods and some sports. Trips to parks and the beach will provide swimming, cook outs, and basketball.

Staff Guidance and Mentoring – Our staff is comprised of unique professionals. All staff serve as counselors, thereby allowing the establishment of special relationship with their campers. Most are experienced enough with working with young people to know where the campers are coming from, how they see the world, and what they like to do to have fun.

Diverse Programming – We do a lot of things at Laurinburg and along with perennial favorites, we are always looking for something new to do. We try to keep kids moving by balancing the program with some things that are very active and require physical exertion, some that are creative and artistic, and some that require thought and reflection.

A Community of Friends – Our camper population is comprised of children coming from the local and surrounding areas and some from other states. Friends can be placed in the same group, and there are plenty of others in the group who are potential friends. The social life of campers naturally expands outside of their own school and community.

So Many Ways to Grow – Camp is a great place to hone a skill, learn something new, and try something out. It is also a place to strengthen social skills with fellow campers, establish an identity, and, most importantly, just be yourself.

Respect for Self, Others, and The Environment – Through hands-on experiences, collaboration, and diversity of thought and culture, campers are encouraged to be themselves and to explore and try new things, accept challenges, and find joy in all that they do. Here we let summer be summer and kids be kids!

Academics– Students may take either classes for enrichment, remediation or advancement.

Laurinburg Instute Summer School/Camp

June 16-July 21

Laurinburg Institute is now enrolling students for summer school and or summer camp.

If you would like to learn more about our summer school and camp, please email:

to or or call 910 276-0684.

Laurinburg Institute provides a safe haven for students to reach their full potential academically, spiritually, culturally and athletically. It is a home where students may become enlightened citizens of the world.